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Towerrunning is a sport where individuals race up the stairs of Skyscrapers and Tall Structures around the world. Some of the most iconic events include the Empire State Building in New York City and the Willis Tower Climb in Chicago. The individual that reaches the top in the fastest or least amount of time is declared the winner. Stair races typically start in a time trial format with a new runner starting the race every 10 to 15 seconds. Races like the Empire State Building and a few others on the European Circuit consist of a mass start where every runner in the field starts the race at the same time. While the sport is still in the growing stages, there are a few opportunities to make money on the European Circuit and a few here in the States. Majority of these events are held by organizations such as the American Lung Association to raise money to support their mission. However, there is a competitive aspect to the sport as well.


The international governing body for Towerrunning is the Tower Running World Association (TWA). They rank climbers on an international scale, display results of every climb internationally and organize world tour events. TowerrunningUSA is the domestic towerrunning presences; they are responsible for ranking climbers here in the US and assigning points to each region of the country.  


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