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Historic Milestones

Key to the City 

On April 15, 2016 I traveled to Niagara Falls, Canada to participate in the Stair Climb for Children's Cancer. I heard about the 32 year old course record set by Canadian Olympic Cyclist Gord Singleton prior to the event. Considering how I like to push my limits, I decided to do what I always do; which is to give my very best and push my limits. In doing so I set a new course record in a time of 3 minutes 21 seconds (3:21). A year later on April 22, 2017 I returned to Niagara Falls, Canada and reset the course record I set the previous year from 3 minutes 21 seconds (3:21) down to 3 minutes 2 seconds (3:02). For achieving such a feat of breaking this 32 year old course record I was awarded the "Key to the City" in Niagara Falls, Canada (pictured below).

Key to the City.jpg
Key to the City.jpg

Fight for Air Climb

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Jacksonville Fight for Air Climb

Jacksonville FFA Yearly Progression.jpg

First African - American to compete in the sport of competitive stair climbing at the highest level(s)

I'm very proud to be the first African-American to compete in the sport at the highest level(s). I've spent the past 12 years traveling the world racing up the stairs of the shortest and tallest buildings. During that time I have been very fortunate to have I've achieved some really AMAZING things and I have no plans of slowing down. 

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