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My name is Troy R. Alston I am a Graphic Designer and competitive stair climber a.k.a Towerrunner. I got into towerunning a.k.a competitive stair climbing back in November of 2010 while looking for an alternative training method for the 400 meter hurdles...so it's safe to say I found the sport and the by "accident". Since my start in the sport I now hold the course record to every stair climb in Florida (from all organizations, ALA, CF, T2T) and several other course records around the US and in Canada. 


My StairClimb career has taught me that hard work pays off at some point in life. The work you do behind the scenes may seem as if it goes unnoticed but eventually it will pay full dividends. I have also learned that anything is possible if you truly desire it and long for it.

What is Towerrunning   

Towerrunning also known as competitive stair climbing is a sport in which individuals race up the stairs of a building or tall structure. Races  can range anywhere from 10 - 120 floors. Every building is different which means the stair count and layout can vary per building (for example, both the Tampa and Jacksonville Bank of America Towers contain 42 floors. However, the Tampa building is (42 floors /914 steps) and the Jacksonville building is (42 floors/838 steps). This difference in the building layout is also apparent in the time it takes to complete each (visit the "Life on the stairs" page for race results). Most races start runners in staggered intervals ranging from 15 - 30 seconds.

How did I get started  

My first race was the Orlando Fight for Air Climb which consists of a 25 floor / 512 step building. I end up finishing the race second overall. After that race I begin to seek out other races and found another climb in Ft. Lauderdale. This climb marks the beginning of my stair climb career. Not only did I finished 1st in this race but I set a new course record. A course record that I would go on to reset many time in the future. Today I own every course record in the state of Florida and many others around the US and in Canada. 

My hopes

It is my hope that my efforts rather on the stairs or the life I live daily will be an inspiration to others to find and follow the passions of their heart. Rather that is scaling up 40 floor building or finding the cure.